Could it ? Is  talking about… ???

The Navy has been begging the pop star to release new for the last four years, making sure to flood her mentions with demands for R9  she posts. In the past, she has trolled her fans back, letting it known that she was focusing the development of her numerous businesses. The head the  Fenty Skin brand, as well as the mogul behind Fenty, X Fenty, and Fenty Beauty, has been a busy bee for the last half-decade, taking to become the next billionaire musician. , she may getting back in the studio.

In a new interview with Entertainment , said what we7;ve all been waiting to hear. Unfortunately though, it doesn7;t feel like she7;s in any rush to  R9.

always working and when ready to put it out in the way that I feel fit, it7;s gonna come out,R; she said. “[Y]ou7;re not going to disappointed when it happens. It7;s going to … I7;m not just gonna put it out just because people are waiting… It7;s taken this long, I7;m gonna make it .R;

While this doesn7;t offer much in the way of a definitive release date, at least we know that it is indeed coming. We7;ll just need to patient.