and have been feuding for a couple of now and it doesn7;t seem like this distaste for one another is going to end any soon. The origin of the beef is a convoluted at this point, however, it all came to a climax as Durk dropped his new single “The VoiceR; all while released a new project called TattleTales. So far, hip-hop fans are siding with Durk on this one, and it is very easy to see this is the .

In fact, , Durk had some harsh words for 7;s project as he took to Twitter saying “1 song better a whole jay Z 0; the voice.R; Essentially, Durk is now crowning himself the Chicago equivalent of Jay-Z while also trashing 7;s body of work.

His about being the Chicago Jay-Z certainly rubbed some people the wrong way, especially since  West has held that mantle for the last two decades. Regardless, there is no denying Durk7;s influence in the city and as of late, he has been much active than Ye when it comes to making . , it7;s definitely a controversial to make.

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